Between The Needle And The Thread

you hold me across the rooftops lost in memory

choices we don’t know why

counting the time left in my head

years wasting away in our youth

on top of the brightest sky

can’t carry the distance

can’t choose the relapse like the needle to the thread

so far away I can’t touch the waves

so far away I can’t find single soul

walking through the sandstorm

remember when the mistakes kept us hidden

remember what breaks me

remember what wakes me

so far divided between the needle and the thread

call the telescopic eyes

washed ashore burning the truth ahead

words bleed with past lives

wasting away in machinery

walking through the train

footsteps creek

conversations broken across telescopic lines

i had hope for something else

conversations broken across telescopic lines

every word we can’t deny

try to break down this cage around me

curtail a million dimensions

what is wrapped deep inside

severe all ties with new meaning

amplification chained deep inside

the strength of a hundred crosses

keeps me alive

break apart my mistakes

the traces we can’t erase from our hearts

like an angel across a million towers

can’t deny my faith for something more

outside I can hear them shout through a faceless disguise

everyday we are locked inside

but only for a second