telegraphic instinct

shaking through the floors

numbness taking over my skin

a loss of perfection

a loss of idealization

stop the heartbeat and take a second step

chemicals lost inside my head

an arrow splintering the details

a cause for alarm

a cause to disarm

ingest years and years from your veins

diffuse the crisis left hanging from your eyes

brace my back with window panes

crack every outcome like determination

look through the floating horsemen

run the bay to find you upside-down

every color carved through the wooden trunks

ageless color

shake the hidden truth from each branch

can I find you when I turn away?

can I find you through every horses’ step?

my madness, my true instinct

my illusion, lost in delusion

gallop against the sand pressing so far against your skin

jump through the carriage tumbling clear into your heart

telegraphic instinct

Pictures I Can’t Keep

spinning down the hill

a careless mistake

when we used to pretend

fingers crumble in silence

medication catching your veins

when numbness blurs every day away

ride away in motorcars

stumble in the darkness

but you’ve tumbled into a wall

when the shadows come alive

I take a look in the mirror

Look for treatment no matter the cost

Worms crawl inside my head but I can’t capture the memories of summer

When you lay in the distance

picking at your skin

too numb too feel

too bitter to taste

too hungry to eat

Look down the mountain side

when I watch all the dreams spin into days

Past mistakes chain me up inside

Figures break on the inside

color the broken days away

Pictures I can’t keep

Pictures I can’t keep

Words I can’t taste

Deep inside your mouth

Frequencies I can’t adore

When I can’t understand the taste inside my mouth

men run into secret cars

bury frustration at my knees

turn on the only channel tuned to your heart

can’t stay alive kicking through these doors

divide every opportunity into equal parts

look at all the directions

clean up my memories

watch the ships crash into the bridge of desire

run through the streets with a color burning deep in my eyes

catch the reflection lost in secrecy

are you the pain I can’t live without?

are you the pain i’ve nurtured since my youth?

deep into the illusion of yesterday

men run into secret cars

hoping for a way out of this town

when the crowds beat us up from the inside

when the people start to run into the sky

do they look at my past mistakes?

look at the crowds like a prisoner in the dark

grip my youth until we don’t age

these strings break with callous mistakes

these walls fall apart with every ounce of hope

when we speak again

when we change our minds

wash our faces like halloween

a crash inside my mind

a billion lights reach out to me

take a step back

but they start to crumble into sand

taking a turn for the worse

look deep into the broken pieces

a figment we can longer believe

crush the wind with your eyes

a disease spread too far

a figure we call our own

a figure we can’t erase

burn my lungs with disbelief

shake off regret through broken film

amplification shatters every static memory

each footstep stains my skin

flash the lights deep inside

wake up every last reflection inside your head

break the glass jars like submarines

fall like soldiers lost in remorse

sirens shock the dreams alive

are you in my future?

are you waving in the distance?

too late too tell

when we wash our faces like halloween

lost payment of time

lost payment of time

get away from the days

walls crumbling down behind these secrets

lock myself into the mirror

pressure building deeper before the collapse

reach out for the hidden secret

try to trap my days away

every chemical reaction

stinging deep

stinging deep

in every broken vein

a crowd of insecurity picks every last piece away

shift through the chemical release

cut through the empty hours

watch the sunlight break my finger tips

a weakness gone too far

shiver with glass eyes

lose every vision caught in my head

try to steer a path with kindness

but I’m fighting against myself

contemplation always over humiliated

crush the filters around my eyes

crush the filters around my eyes

determine when we reach too far

a hundred angels beating down my door

paralyzed past the point of restraint

when I run up the stairs

to find you standing through the wind

shake regret from my eyes

words I can’t detail

beauty I can’t imagine

past the point of escape

if I could hear you pour out your secrets

write a million letters through the wind

walk through the given path

when the song breaks a million tears

try to build a trust

try to build the chemicals in your brain

but my honesty is breaking every pore of your memory

when we lose our mind with shapes and figures

run through the glass separating control

control from every being

look straight through the mirror

I haven’t gone too far

I haven’t dreamt enough

I haven’t looked deep inside heaven

but when I capture you

capture you deep

deep inside my memory

I know you’re true

I know you’re the only one

break apart the trains carrying this heavy burden

paint a million pictures in the wind

can’t transpire what you mean to me

every day after the chariots arrive

I can see your smile from this time awake

a bursting light through this vision

capture the brightest memory

everyday growing deeper inside

write a million words into the sand

these visions cling to me

when darkness falls in my eyes

you open up the gates of oblivion

when their words tear me apart

I remember your face

every chemical reaction

every color filtered across the sky

waiting for the day

when you arrive

light the match heads and let them spin through time

every spark of emotion

every smoke screen

every flame

growing higher and higher

when the walls crumble with cathartic exaltation

when you translate the words inside my head

an infinity of locked doors

a million keys in their hands

a shuffle and final breakdown

but you only have the key

you only have the key

you are my wishing well

you are the trust growing stronger

the truth with everlasting definition

break apart the trains carrying this heavy burden

watch them crumble into disbelief

conversations broken across telescopic lines

i had hope for something else

conversations broken across telescopic lines

every word we can’t deny

try to break down this cage around me

curtail a million dimensions

what is wrapped deep inside

severe all ties with new meaning

amplification chained deep inside

the strength of a hundred crosses

keeps me alive

break apart my mistakes

the traces we can’t erase from our hearts

like an angel across a million towers

can’t deny my faith for something more

outside I can hear them shout through a faceless disguise

everyday we are locked inside

but only for a second