Between The Needle And The Thread

you hold me across the rooftops lost in memory

choices we don’t know why

counting the time left in my head

years wasting away in our youth

on top of the brightest sky

can’t carry the distance

can’t choose the relapse like the needle to the thread

so far away I can’t touch the waves

so far away I can’t find single soul

walking through the sandstorm

remember when the mistakes kept us hidden

remember what breaks me

remember what wakes me

so far divided between the needle and the thread

call the telescopic eyes

washed ashore burning the truth ahead

words bleed with past lives

wasting away in machinery

walking through the train

footsteps creek

thread every needle

run around like a heart attack

falling to pieces

just to put them back together again

a chemical reaction breaking your atmosphere

all the hope I can contain

all the days running around town

putting the cracks into place

everything that ever mattered

turn on the brightest light

blind every sense

when we start to call ourselves back

to all the time beating through my heartache

spinning in all directions, all the colors

the spindle that wakes every hour

thread every needle

just to get a reaction

sew every seam together just to draw you closer

closer than ever before

break out of the faded light

break out of my sickness

I am coming to grips

with something that really matters

find a way out

a way out on my own

speed across a million highways

break every limit

just to dig deeper into your heart

a lost ghost slipping before I can pick you up

wait for that call before it is too late

look at all the mistakes

break every addiction

break everything holding me back

like the nails we forget to break

like the nails we hammer into our hearts