when instinct feels experimental

the buildings we used to break

empty rooms silent and half-focused

posters on the wall cast my dreams goodbye

notice every detail before we slip away

a doorway where we found hope

broken glass left on the floor

colors…guilt ridden

blue days keep me alive

whispers shaken with disguise

speak in electric tongues

when instinct feels experimental

a blueprint broken

all the movements broken from my head

make the last return before we fall from the shore

emotions I can’t hide

thoughts controlled by supermarket checkout lines

every pattern we’ve tried to break

every dawn we can’t face alone

wishing I were somewhere else today

fall to the ground with every detail

picking through emotions like souvenirs

pace the streets watching birds pick our dreams away

shapes that don’t disintegrate with insecurity

when we walk through the crowds words chain me down

every color devaluated

every handshake, every whisper, every doubt

push them all away

definitions relapsed

guilt that does not question why

mistrust shaking through your veins

remember September skies

when we had it all together

a blueprint broken with crippled hands