“when we met on atonement day”

this fire burns deep inside

every sea we cross at dusk

i’m the blindman walking through the sand

you try to reach for me but I see myself drowning behind every emotion

whisper every secret lost inside your head

whisper every perfect dream

to build a million castles in the sand with you

in the distance children watch to pin-point the sky

in my dreams you read a thousand books to find them standing still

to walk across the bridge and see the laughter splintered against the wall

escape the darkest hours with you at my breath

latch on to every last voice caught in this nest 

the fisherman keeps running from the lighthouse

the spider man spins a new web

i know when you carried me to find peace

every sin dropping away

when we met on atonement day

like a wishing well

to wash every sin away

a fortitude of lost silence

you alway made me see in the dark past eternity

stay in my mind behind every ghost

when we stand against the sunlight I know I will always stay past eternity

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