crush the filters around my eyes

crush the filters around my eyes

determine when we reach too far

a hundred angels beating down my door

paralyzed past the point of restraint

when I run up the stairs

to find you standing through the wind

shake regret from my eyes

words I can’t detail

beauty I can’t imagine

past the point of escape

if I could hear you pour out your secrets

write a million letters through the wind

walk through the given path

when the song breaks a million tears

try to build a trust

try to build the chemicals in your brain

but my honesty is breaking every pore of your memory

when we lose our mind with shapes and figures

run through the glass separating control

control from every being

look straight through the mirror

I haven’t gone too far

I haven’t dreamt enough

I haven’t looked deep inside heaven

but when I capture you

capture you deep

deep inside my memory

I know you’re true

I know you’re the only one

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