catch a glimpse of the burning lighthouse

look past the distance

walking past the memories in my head

what used to be

can’t be forgotten

drive past the ocean

a million miles away from home

catch a glimpse of the burning lighthouse

whatever kept me there

swim through this sickness

can’t dream through these years

forever I look at the lost ships

run far from this escape

run far from the beating hour

carry me through this weakness

words lost in a million photographs

a hundred days when we were young

a hundred days in silent memory

broken bridges can’t keep us apart

at 3 o’clock in the morning

we discover what we’re made of

when the birds spin out of control

drift away from the sickness inside

back a million miles ago

saturate my reflection

saturate my only choice

reach for you in the blinding light

all the dreams you can’t face alive

walk down these streets

press my hands through your skin

all the days beating down on me

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