medicate my years

give into the pain

lay here on this bed

counting the conversations in my head

all the people running across across the monument

like a useless figurine

we cry out for answers

secrets we try so hard to lock away

hours spinning through the darkness

take the time away to etch these memories down

realize the mistakes I have made

wait for forgiveness

when we are only trying to forgive ourselves

a millions miles out in the sea

look for the light running from their dreams

look for the direction we call home

bare my resistance

like the rush of a summer’s night

too close to home

a million promises only we can define

a million ways out of my mind

lost every conversation point

every word I try to get through

past my re-creation I can’t find a way

to understand how I’ve change

to give into this sickness

trapped inside a pharmacy with no way out

medicate my years to my decay

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