fall through the bridges

look down the street

when our eyes meet

I just turn away

burn away my happiness

lost everything that meant something

what used to be so good

what used to be so gifted

stare into the streetlights

a chemical reaction burning up my insides

images caught by a blindness half forgiven

everything that really mattered

turned into shame

a substance seeping into veins

frustration building up inside

release every ounce of pain

every sensation crawling

through the darkness

secrets locked in time

everything that mattered

misjudged my capability

misjudged my security

try to push them away

try to hide the pressure building

are you the only one

who can understand?

are you the only one

that mattered?

run away into the sky

can I get past these years

pray everyday to meet again

all the voices calling me in disguise

claim a new meaning

trust in the future

one last way

trust in the future

before everything takes over

break through the mirror

and look out for September

etching away my sickness

etching through my capability

every illusion that really mattered

when every day aches to be true

break that last stone

and believe again

all the colors broken up and down

fall through the bridges

when time was just a reaction

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